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Our newsletter & trade alerts offer real-time stock market updates and trading recommendations.  Our objective is to provide thought provoking trading ideas to investors looking for consistent results.  We offer option trading statistics, short-term stock market directional trade reports, historical option volatility insight, and our general expertise on current market situations.  Looking for a supplement to your trading knowledge? You’ve found it.  Looking for information to base your decision-making process on?  You’ve found it.  Looking for historical options volatility data & opinions?  You’ve found it.  We specialize in researching weekly options data.


Depending on markets conditions, weekly options can be an instrumental tool to both long-term position traders as well as short-term momentum traders. Our expertise lies in analyzing technical and fundamental indicators in order to predict short-term moves in individual equities. Over the years we’ve eliminated strategies that did not work, and we’ve learned to exploit strategies that continue to produce positive results.


The Weekly Options Trader is a short-term supplemental addition to your trading knowledge.  View our trade recommendations and decide if the trade is right for you.  Our subcribers have been very happy with our percentage gains. The primary goal is to provide valuable stock market information and insight for the individual investor, using weekly options as our tool.  Many investment newsletters focus on the long term investing.  Our newsletter is the only one to focus on near-term moves in individual equities.  We are not risk-adverse.  Weekly options are highly volatile and carry with them a high degree of theta (time decay).  However, receiving the right information and establishing the optimal options position can lead to highly profitable results.

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